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11 December 2018

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Last week I had the great opportunity to give a talk alongside other QMUL Game AI Group members Simon Lucas, Vanessa Volz and Simon Colton. But this was not just any talk, it was within an event organised by the IET meant to share our work, inspire and engage with young people (even some really small humans!). I’m not sure if they all walked away actually inspired, but I hope they did. And although sometimes it’s really hard talking about research to an incredibly mixed audience of general public, children and researchers in your field, it was overall a great evening with much laughter, great conversations and a pleasant buzz of activity. Many thanks to the organisers for doing such an amazing job!

If you’d like to know what I talked about or giggle at over-the-top Christmas slides filled with animations, check out these: (PDF) or (PPTX).

Have a lovely day,

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