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27 September 2017

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Hello and welcome.

This game’s a cute one. Released in 2014 by Upper One Games. Two characters, Nuna (a girl) and Fox (a fox, who would’ve guessed) are involved in a traditional story told through platformer co-operative puzzles. It can be played as single or local two-player in co-op mode, of which I’ve played the second so I’ll talk more about that.

Never Alone makes it clear from the beginning that it is all about telling a nice story through atmospheric scenes. It relies a lot on environment to create interesting experiences for the players, be those peaceful soaring through the air, swimming through deep waters or evading and fighting enemies in tense scenes. It does a great job at keeping you immersed in this beautiful world, with small things added to enhance the mood that don’t really have any effect on gameplay, but once you notice them you go “ooh, look at that!”

If you like beautiful games that take you on peaceful adventures, you’ll love this one.

It is quite simple in terms of gameplay, though. There is a lot of running, jumping and bracing against the occasional strong wind. Very rarely, more interesting things are introduced. The fox can climb taller walls and control spirits to help Nuna on her way. And Nuna can drag boxes around or throw her Bola (I am quite a Bola expert myself!). This weapon Nuna has appears to have two uses so far (I’ve played about 2 hours of the game): breaking obstacles or waking up sleepy spirits so the Fox can interact with them. It’s also very useful at pissing off one of the other characters or smacking bears (for amusement purposes only, no actual effect).

The puzzles themselves are very simple as well, but they are a nice break from the constant runner the game would turn into otherwise.

I am not sure if I will finish this game, but I did enjoy playing it. I give it a mid mark for being pretty, with a 0.5 added for Nuna crying when Fox dies, Fox whining cutely when Nuna dies and later facepalming at the silly girl.

Check it out on Steam if interested!

And brace against the wind!

Have a lovely day,

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