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20 September 2017

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Sometimes putting together a long post convering a big multi-day event is a lot of work. Getting the text right, sorting through the images, editing them to fit in the theme, sorting out all the layout and alignment issues. Quite a lot goes into one simple thing. So I’ll introduce a new type of post I’ll call snapshots. They’ll probably not have fancy titles or carefully selected pictures and design to them. They’ll be a simple collection of thoughts onto one particular topic or some small thing I find interesting and I’d like to add here. They’ll also share the same pictures to save me from editing each post’s meta data - an easy way to identify these is if they have my face on them. They’ll also all live in the same category, even though they may fit in some other ones. I’ll do my best to distinguish them with tags.

So if you like quick random thoughts, look out for these.

I’ll still do the normal more carefully designed posts, but this is a way to get myself to post more and not find it a pain to get things done.

Have a lovely day,

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