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31 May 2017

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Hello and welcome.

A few weeks ago I was in York, for the second to last IGGI training module. I’ve mentioned this in a previous post and how it was all about making an impact out in the big world thorugh our research. The outcome of this module was made up of multiple things: a press release, a poster and 3 minute talk on the poster, a development plan and something else that I am missing at the moment - blaming the current exposure to Spanish sun for that (another story I’ll share soon).

Oh, right. The last thing we had to submit as part of the assignnment was a lecture plan - including slides, notes and overview. No biggie. I did mine on Rolling Horizon Evolution too, but I wouldn’t want my future students to get a head start if they accidentally find it shared here.

This post I’ll keep short. I just thought I’d share the video submitted, including the poster and short presentation on my paper published at EvoStar. And yes, it does make me cringe every time I listen to it, recording yourself is so not fun.


Have a lovely day,

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